water going down drain
Figure 1: An illicit discharge of sediment from a construction site.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) is a component of the Phase II Stormwater Regulations. It is the third minimum control measure (MCM). The regulated municipalities in the coalition have worked together to map their outfalls that discharge stormwater to local waterbodies. The GPS locations of these outfalls have been incorporated into GIS software. In addition to mapping their outfalls, the municipalities have also passed local laws prohibiting illicit discharges to their stormwater conveyance systems and local waterbodies.

What is an illicit discharge?

An illicit discharge is any discharge to a stormwater conveyance system, stream, river, lake, or other waterbody that is not composed entirely of stormwater. An illicit discharge could result from the following:

What are the hazards of illicit discharges?

Illicit discharges can contribute high levels of pollutants to waterbodies. Common pollutants found in illicit discharges include: raw sewage (bacteria, viruses), heavy metals, oil/grease, solvents, and nutrients. EPA studies have shown that pollutant levels in these discharges are high enough to significantly degrade water quality, close beaches, and negatively impact aquatic, wildlife, and human health.

Illicit Discharge Resources

Village of Cayuga Heights
Village Engineer/Code Officer:Brent Cross ([email protected])
IDDE Law: Download PDF

Town of Dryden
Code Officer: Dave Sprout ([email protected])
IDDE Law: Download PDF

Town of Ithaca
Director of Engineering: Dan Thaete ([email protected])
IDDE Law: https://ecode360.com/11456365

Village of Lansing
Code Officer: Mike Scott
IDDE Law: Village Code Chapter 80 (Illicit Discharge, Activities and Connections to Separate Storm Sewer System Law) vlansing.org

Town of Lansing
Town Planner: John Zepko ([email protected])
Download PDF

City of Ithaca
IDDE Law: Part 2 of Chapter 282 (Stormwater Management and Erosion & Sediment Control). https://ecode360.com/8393071

Town of Ulysses
Download PDF