Protecting &


water resources

by facilitating environmentally conscious stormwater management across municipal boundaries.

The Stormwater Coalition of Tompkins County is an inter-municipal organization formed to assist municipal separate storm systems (MS4s) in cooperation, communication, and compliance with state regulations for stormwater discharges.

On this site, you will find information relating to:
  • stormwater management
  • ways to implement stormwater management on your own property
  • training resources for contractors and highway departments
  • annual reports of the coalition.


is stormwater a concern?

Did you know that stormwater runoff can pick up excess nutrients from fertilizers, pet waste and other sources and transport them to our streams, wetlands, and lake? Fast moving stormwater runoff can also erode stream banks, damaging hundreds of miles of aquatic habitat.

Disconnecting Downspout

What you can do

to reduce runoff and improve water quality?

Our everyday actions can have a big impact on our water resources. Homeowners, developers, municipalities can all work to reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality.